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Fundraising Ideas
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Fancy Dress
  • Non Uniform Day – let pupils come into school in their own clothes if they make a donation the The Encephalitis Society
  • Fancy Dress Party – Get the Superman costume out or whatever else takes your eye by organising a fancy dress party. Charge an enterance fee or organise collections on the night.
  • Onesie/PJ Day – A chance to see the whole office in their onesies in return for a donation.


Cash in Your Attic
  • Auction – Holding an auction is a popular way of fundraising. Get local businesses or colleagues to donate items.
  • Jumble Sale – Go rifling through your possessions, and get others to do the same, before putting it all on sale to raise money.
  • Sell online with eBay – Set up your own charity auctions with the help of eBay, ensuring all profits benefit The Encephalitis Society.


Place Your Bets
  • Raffle – Hold a raffle and see if colleagues, local businesses or friens are willing to donate prizes.
  • Poker Evening – If your friends like a gamble, organise a poker evening where all the winnings go to The Encephalitis Society.
  • Bingo – Reel out some of those classic Bingo calls by getting colleagues and friends to join in the fun.


Test Your Mettle
  • Pub Quiz – See if your local pub can host a pub quiz or if there is already a regular quiz night can they hold one in aid of The Encephalitis Society.
  • Department Challenge – Take advantage of inter-departmental rivalries and organise a fundraising challenge e.g. paintball battle/five a side challenge.
  • Guess The Weight – Fill up a jar with sweets, everyone pays to take a guess and the winner gets the jar.


Host with the Most
  • Tea Party –invite your friends and family round for afternoon tea. These are simple to organise and a fun way of raising money.
  • Comedy Night – Organise a comedy night where you book performers and sell tickets for the event.
  • Black Tie Ball – People love dressing up so turn on the glamour and hold a black-tie ball, selling tickets to raise money.


Song and Dance
  • Golf Day – these are a popular way of fundraising which can even attract high-profile participants if you have the right contacts.
  • Gig – If you have friends who play in a band, or you play in one yourself, then rope them in to doing a charity gig.
  • Karaoke Evening – a fun way to raise money and discover hidden talents! Sell tickets, have prizes donated and vote for the winners.


Quick and Easy
  • Cake Sale – use the lure of cake to entice colleagues to help you organise a cake sale. Try to get everyone to contribute a cake.

  • Run a tombola – If you can hold a tombola at a fair, carnival or another community type event then it is a simple way of raising money.

  • Car Wash – Get the cars on your street, or in your office car park, gleaming and raise money for The Encephalitis Society.


Last Resort
  • Get Bagging – visit your local supermarket and, for a small donation, you can help shoppers pack their bags.

  • Empty the penny jar – every penny counts and that jar full is just waiting to be cashed in!

  • Bring and Buy Sale – this is a time honoured and traditional fundraising method. People bring goods to be sold and buy items which are on sale.


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