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Fundraise at School, College or University

If you’re a school, college or university looking to raise funds for The Encephalitis Society, there are lots of ways you can get involved to make a big difference. Take a look at some of our fundraising ideas or have a think of your own. If you’d like to fundraise at school, college or university please let us know so we can help!


Non Uniform day

We all remember our school days when we would look forward to non-uniform day with sheer excitement! Little has changed and children still love to be able to wear their own clothes for a day at school. If each child pays £1 to wear their own clothes, this soon adds up into the hundreds! Partner the day with some fun activities, such as name the bear, to make it an even more fun-filled day for everyone.

Sponsored Silence

This is great for children, and even for teachers and parents! See how long you can keep quiet for or set a goal and encourage people to sponsor you to meet that target.

Seasonal Activities

Take advantage of seasonal holidays! You could throw a Halloween party, a fundraising sports day, an Easter Egg Hunt or a Christmas Jumper Day – for example.

School Plays

Make the most of your schools annual Christmas play, with entry proceeds donated to The Encephalitis Society. We can help support the event by supplying banners, leaflets, t-shirts and more.

Colleges and Universities

Get your university or college involved by choosing us as your charity for the year, and organise an event or challenge!

Charity Club Night

Organise a charity club night at your student union or local club/bar. You could even make it a theme night! Sell tickets in advance and on the door, with all money raised going to The Encephalitis Society.

Karaoke night

Who doesn’t love a good ol’karaoke night? Organise an evening of classic disco tunes or indie hits and rally everyone together to take part or even just observe from the sidelines. Raise money from entry fees, the performers and the audience.

Wear a Onesie Day

Gather your friends and as many peers as possible at your college or university and Wear A Onesie for a Day! With permission from your college/university we can supply you with a big collection bucket to use for the day, and you’ll be sure to stand out dressed as some kind of furry creature! This is definitely one of the most fun fundraising activities!


Place collection boxes in your university canteen (with permission of course)

Cinema screening

Set up a projector in your university student union, or even in the lecture theater and invite students to attend a screening of an old-time classic from their childhoods, for instance, nostalgia can really help rally people together! The choice of film is yours, or it could even be voted for by those keen to attend. Charge an entrance fee and gather all monies collected to donate to The Society. You could even ask local suppliers, such as supermarkets, to donate snacks and drinks for you to sell on the night.

University Challenge

Rally teams to compete against each other or even better, challenge a rival university to join in! Charge an entry fee for students to cheer on their favourite team! You could also raise the bar and get people to bet on who they think will win and what the scores will be, charging a small fee for each bet made. Speak to your student union who might be able to help out - especially if it co-incides with a student related event, such as Freshers Week.

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