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Christmas Sarnie Day 2017


Christmas Sarnie Day

Eat. Share. Give.

Wednesday, December 20.

Christmas is coming and all across the land, people are buying presents, decorating trees and looking forward to the festive season.

Mouths are watering at the thought of Christmas Dinner with succulent turkey, perfect potatoes and meaty, shiny, gravy. For some people though, Christmas won’t be the same and that’s because they’ve contracted encephalitis.

Encephalitis can be shattering for the 6,000 people affected in the UK each year – the brain swells and can cause cognitive, behavioural, physical and emotional problems and The Encephalitis Society are the only resource of our kind in the world, supporting people affected and their families.

Reuben was 2 when he was diagnosed with encephalitis just before Christmas.

Mum Laura said “We thought Reuben just had a bug but he kept getting worse. Eventually he was put on life support and transferred to a children’s hospital. We were so worried – it’s every parent’s worst nightmare."


Reuben had contracted encephalitis and his body had swelled so much he had to have a colostomy and he developed kidney failure. After a terrifying few weeks he began to recover and had to learn everything again. His rehabilitation continued after he was discharged home and now he is a bright and energetic 6 year old, though he still suffers from the after-effects of encephalitis. 


Mum Laura said: “That first Christmas was just a blur. None of us want to remember it as Reuben was so poorly – the Christmas that we dreamed of was gone. But as Reuben got better we discovered The Encephalitis Society and they helped us then and have been helping us for the last 4 years.”  Laura added “This year I’ll be buying my Christmas sarnie, taking a picture of myself enjoying it to show my friends on Facebook and donating to the Encephalitis Society. They were there for us during our nightmare and I want to help them too.”

Call to Action


How can you help Laura and Reuben and others affected by encephalitis? 

Its simple. Buy or make a Christmas sarnie, eat and enjoy it and share a picture on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (using the hashtag #ChristmasSarnie) or email. Then donate the cost of the sarnie at our Justgiving Page

Please join us and make Christmas Sarnie Day a big success!

Eat. Share. Give

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